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16 September 2008

Contoh surat lamaran IT 2

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Dalam contoh surat ini, sang kandidat tidak berniat memperpanjang kontrak dengan tempatnya bekerja sekarang. Kami memberikan solusi dengan menonjolkan dedikasinya yang tetap menyelesaikan tanggungjawabnya dengan tetap bekerja di kantornya sampai ditemukan pengganti untuk mengisi posisinya.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to the vacancy for Software Engineers listed on xxxxxxxxxx.

I hold a Computer Science degree from Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia. I graduated in August 2007 with the last GPA of 3.1 out of 4. Currently I hold a position as a Java programmer at PT xxxxxxx (usually known as xxxxxx in Singapore). I decided not to extend my 2 year contract with the company which has expired on August 2nd 2008. But I still serve there until a replacement has been found.

I am very well-versed in various programming languages, most notably Java and C++. I possess an excellent problem-solving skill, with logical thinking and sharp eyes for detail without losing the ability to see the big picture.

I have excellent health, great people skill, and self-started personality. I am also an eager and fast learner. I have a reputation as a hard worker who performs well under pressure, whether alone or as a team.

Being an avid technology practitioner, I am excited about the opportunity to work with a highly respected technology institution. Your company’s commitment to the field has impressed me for many years, and I hope to be a part of that service. I am certain I would be an asset to xxxxxxxx.

Please find attached my CV to serve as further consideration. I appreciate your time and attention to my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


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